Around 15,000 people have a stroke in Scotland every year, and it’s probably more than double that number of people who will have their lives turned upside down when you consider family and friends too. You can help them all by giving a local donation towards stroke support services in your area.

Ken's story

Reaching the age of 72 I considered myself to be a lucky man to have enjoyed such a wonderful life, hopefully with many more years to come. I loved the piano and DIY – alongside the most rewarding aspect of my life, which was being a full-time foster carer. And then I had a stroke.

Active to paralysed in seconds
"The stroke left me with paralysis down my right hand side and I had great difficulty speaking. Having previously been such a fit and healthy man this was extremely hard for me to come to terms with and such a shock for everyone who knew the old me."

Guiding me to a life after stroke
"Returning home I realised even more the enormity of the effect of the stroke on my life and struggled to see how things could improve – until I met Maureen. Maureen is the Community Development and Partnership Manager for the Stroke Association and completely understood how I was feeling, emotionally and physically.

She introduced me to ‘My Stroke Guide’, which I have to be honest and say I was sceptical about, but with Maureen’s encouragement and guidance I soon began to make progress and feel much more positive. It was great to speak with other stroke survivors on the online community peer support group – as isolated as I felt it made me realise I was not alone. Their hints and tips were also invaluable and extremely relevant as they were coming from people who had actually suffered a stroke, not just talking the theory."

After my stroke I needed a lot of support and guidance - thanks to our supporters in Scotland I got it.

Support after stroke is a lifeline
"Over time my mobility and speech are improving, thanks to the support of my new friends, fellow stroke survivors, and Maureen – I’m even back playing the piano. Most importantly, my confidence is returning and I believe that life will return to something similar to what I had before stroke. ‘My Stroke Guide’ continues to be a source of great support and optimism for me."

Help support Scottish stroke survivors
"A stroke is life changing and recovery is challenging. There are over 120,000 stroke survivors living in Scotland – please make a donation to help fund stroke support services in Scotland to make sure they get the care and support they need.”

Thank you.

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