There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK every year; and it’s probably more than double that number of people who will have their lives turned upside down when you consider family and friends too. Your donation will go to your local community, helping stroke survivors and people affected by stroke in your local community to get the support they need and deserve.

Patrick's story

I’m 59 years old and my passion is building restoration. Buildings just need a little TLC to be restored to their former glory. Who’d have thought that I’d be saying the same about myself today?

Stroke struck
"It came from nowhere – one minute I was preparing to drive home from my brother’s house, and the next I collapsed. I was diagnosed with an Ischaemic stroke, which left me with very poor mobility."

It was a struggle but I’m stubborn
"Living in Ceredigion in Wales, I was lucky enough to have access to a stroke reablement team who were amazing and helped me get my strength and movement back. They gave me exercises to do when I wasn’t with them, things like throwing and catching with anyone who’d play! The progress was incredible and I really can’t thank those amazing people enough, they really gave me my life back."

As an Afro Caribbean I had no idea that black people are twice as likely to have a stroke and at a younger age than white people.

Helping others affected by stroke
"I’m not sure I’ll ever be fit enough to return to building restoration, but I have found a new source of reward through helping others affected by stroke in Wales. The Stroke Association was awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund to run the Stroke Health Improvement Project and it’s thanks to this lottery grant that stroke survivors in Ceredigion, where I live in Wales, are fortunate to have access to invaluable local stroke services. This includes stroke coordinators who visit stroke patients in hospital or run stroke clinics in GP surgeries and a Peer Support Network to meet fellow stroke survivors in Ceredigion. After volunteering at the Peer Support Network coffee mornings, my wife and I now run the group!"

Local services need local donations
"The Stroke Association help fund many local services so please make a donation to help ensure stroke survivors and their families get the care and support they need. I can’t emphasise enough just how important Life After Stroke Services are for people recovering from the effects of stroke. Life After Stroke Services are an essential part of stroke recovery.”

Thank you.

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