Why do you send out letters asking for donations?

Direct mail is an effective method of fundraising and is the cheapest way for charities to get donations from large numbers of people. 

We don't expect all of our supporters to give to every appeal, they may receive four appeals a year but only choose to give to one of them. However, as well as raising money, our appeal letters are designed to be informative, and many of our supporters enjoy receiving them in order to get updates on our work.

Why do you ask for specific amounts of money in your appeals?

Many supporters like to be given an idea about what their donation would be able to fund. We therefore ask for specific amounts to act as a guide for you to decide how much to give.

Are the people who feature in your appeals real people?

Yes. We always use real-life case studies. People we've helped are keen to tell others about their experiences.

Why do you send appeals to people who may have been affected by stroke themselves?

We send appeals to people who have been affected by stroke because these people are likely to fully appreciate the impact of stroke and the work that we do. Many of them want to help a cause that they have personal experience of and it is for this reason that they make up a significant proportion of our supporter network. They have often received help from us and want to donate to appeals in order to help people who are living through similar experiences.

Why do you send appeal letters to people that have a direct debit?

We continue to send people information about our work once they have set up a direct debit as many people feel able, and indeed want, to support our work with additional gifts, particularly at certain times of the year such as Christmas.