Why do you use telephone fundraising?

Telephone fundraising is a cost-effective method of fundraising that enables us to develop personal relationships with our donors, and gives our supporters the opportunity to ask questions. We have an in-house telemarketing team who carry out our telephone fundraising campaigns. Our telemarketing executives are well informed about our work, and successfully raise valuable funds as a result.

What is the point of the National Stroke Survey?

The aim of the survey is to heighten awareness, collect valuable information that can shape the future of our services, and raise funds that help those affected by stroke. It is a very successful way of engaging new supporters.

Why do you spend money on things like mailshots and inserts in magazines?

We do this to expand our database of supporters. Mailshots and inserts in publications potentially enable us to reach millions of people, the majority of which have no previous association with us. We're therefore able to engage brand new supporters who are likely to support us long into the future. We cannot rely solely on our existing supporters to fund our work, so this form of fundraising really is vital in order to ensure that we're able to raise the necessary funds to support our work in the long-term.