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Help support stroke survivors in memory of your loved one

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Thank you for supporting in memory of your loved one.​ Your support will do so much to raise awareness and fund vital research, helping stroke survivors and their families when they need it most.

The impact of a stroke can be devastating, but the impact of your help can be transformative. Your donation will go on to fund vital support and life-saving research.

  • £80 could pay for a stroke survivor to attend a six-week computer course, a vital communication tool to aid recovery and beyond.
  • £150 could help pay for research into new stroke treatments, as we did with thrombolysis - a clot-busting drug that returns the blood supply to the brain that has transformed the outcomes of stroke survivors who have received it.
  • £300 could allow a befriending volunteer to work with a stroke survivor for up to a year, perhaps accompanying them on a bus journey once a week until they feel confident enough to take the same journey on their own.
  • £1,000 could pay for start-up funds for ten voluntary groups, helping them to start providing crucial peer support in their community.

Your generosity will help us reach even more stroke survivors. Thank you.

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Leave a gift in your Will

Your gift will make a huge difference for stroke survivors, by helping to fund support and critical research.
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In memory fundraising

Your generosity will help us reach even more stroke survivors who need us.
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Tribute Fund

A comforting and positive way to share memories with family and friends.