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Stroke is one of this country’s biggest killers and one of the biggest causes of disability. 


You must act FAST when someone has a stroke.


It's only thanks to our wonderful supporters that we were able to fund the research that led to the FAST test – now implemented by the NHS which has helped to save thousands of lives. But our research urgently needs more public funding to find new ways of preventing and treating stroke.


Thanks to Jacqueline Keeley’s husband knowing the FAST test, she was rushed to hospital where a revolutionary trial procedure was performed that used a tube containing a wire mesh to remove the blood clot on her brain.


The sooner people like Jacqueline get to hospital, the sooner they can receive vital treatments discovered through life-changing research with help from our wonderful supporters. 


Please donate today to stroke research and you could help save the lives of more people like Jacqueline.


Every penny you give today will go directly to research into stopping stroke.


One day we will conquer stroke. The more research we do, the sooner that day will come.