Emma's story

After dreaming of having a baby for years, Emma discovered she was pregnant after a long course of fertility treatment. But five days later she was rushed to hospital having had a severe stroke.

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At the hospital, Emma found out she had lost her child. 

Aged just 33, Emma was forced to give up her job and her life completely changed. She was left with balance problems, her vision and speech were affected and she now has difficulty reading, writing and coping with certain social situations.

But with her determination, and the help of her family and the Stroke Association she continues to make her best possible recovery, one day at a time.

“Christmas is my favourite time of year," Emma says. "I love taking my nephew and my two nieces to see Santa, and watching my favourite Christmas movie – Elf.”

Emma is now also a Stroke Association ambassador, who goes above and beyond to raise funds for our vital work. “Without the Stroke Association I wouldn’t be where I am now, doing the things I do," she says. "I’m determined to help others going through the same thing.”

Help more stroke survivors like Emma find the magic of Christmas

With your support, we can help stroke survivors see that they are more than the physical abilities and self-belief that they may have lost. This Christmas, help more stroke survivors like Santokh find the magic of Christmas again and believe “I am more than my stroke”. 

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