Finn's story

Dr. Finn Farquharson had a stroke in 2017, aged 44, whilst at work at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. The only warning Finn got was blurry vision in his left eye.

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The stroke was caused by a carotid artery tear during a workout at the gym that morning. That caused a clot to form, which later dislodged and went to the brain.

Finn received a thrombectomy to remove the clot within several hours. While he regained the ability to use his right limbs fairly quickly, the stroke left Finn with severe aphasia.

“I was so scared, but I feel lucky to be here,” he says. “I am focused and determined. I find opportunities to practise my speech wherever I can.”

The Stroke Association introduced Finn to communication groups. Through these groups, he has found out how others manage in their recovery, and it has been an invaluable opportunity to practise his communication skills. He also finds the communication card very useful. This resource helps him to feel more confident when approaching new people.

“The more independence he gains, the easier it gets for me,” says his wife Grace. “I am encouraged by the fact that I am always seeing improvements in his recovery.”

This festive season, they are hoping for a true family Christmas, and they are especially looking forward to Finn making his famous Christmas ham once more.

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With your support, we can help stroke survivors see that they are more than the physical abilities and self-belief that they may have lost. This Christmas, help more stroke survivors like Finn find the magic of Christmas again and believe “I am more than my stroke”. 

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