Hear from stroke survivors Santokh, Finn, Emma and Kate

Stroke can change lives in an instant. But with our support, more stroke survivors are finding the magic in Christmas again.

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A devastating stroke two years ago left Santokh with limited mobility and severe aphasia. Read Santokh's story

“The first Christmas after Santokh’s stroke was different. It was still a lovely Christmas, but there was some sadness."
Nielam, Santokh's wife


Dr. Finn Farquharson had a stroke whilst at work. He's determined to regain his independence. Read Finn's story 

“I was so scared, but I feel lucky to be here. I am focused and determined.”

Help a stroke survivor believe "I am more than my stroke."

Together, we can help stroke survivors see that they are more than the physical abilities they may have lost. They are still themselves - parents, children, husbands, wives, friends, grandparents – and their stroke does not define them.

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Emma discovered she was pregnant after a long course of fertility treatment. But five days later she had a severe stroke, aged just 33. Read Emma's story


Kate had a life-changing stroke in 2017. Whilst she was recovering, her husband was also taken into hospital, seriously ill. Read Kate's story 

"There is life after stroke. I'm here to prove it. The Stroke Association has given me back my confidence."

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