Free Will Scheme

If you're aged 60 or over, or you're a stroke survivor of any age, you can use our Free Will Scheme to make a simple Will with a trusted solicitor free of charge. 

Why do we offer this Scheme?

An up-to-date Will is incredibly important. It's still the safest way to look after the loved ones and charities we care about. Making a Will with a trusted professional can be costly and a bit daunting for many of us. 

Our Scheme is a cost-effective and simple way to plan ahead and give you peace of mind. 

Do I have to leave a legacy gift?

The Scheme is open to everyone aged 60 and over, and all stroke survivors. Most people do leave a gift of their choice to help us conquer stroke for good. Whether it's £500 or £5000, gifts of all sizes will make a massive difference - helping to fund lifesaving research and vital services. 

"It wasn't a lot of money I left, but I know that one day my gift could help fund a treatment that will go on to save many precious lives . And that gives me great comfort"
Mrs Davey, Free Will supporter, West Sussex