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Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives. Stroke survivors may suddenly face communication and physical difficulties. Even emotions and personality can change.

Rebuilding lives after a stroke is a team effort. It takes the determination of stroke survivors and carers, the generosity of supporters and the dedication of the healthcare and research communities to get there.   

We provide specialist support, fund critical research and campaign to make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives. 

  • £80 could pay for a stroke survivor to attend a six-week computer course, a vital communication tool to aid recovery.
  • £150 could help pay for research into new treatments that transform stroke recovery.
  • £300 could allow a befriending volunteer to work with a stroke survivor for up to a year, providing vital emotional and practical support. 
  • £1,000 could pay for start-up funds for ten voluntary groups, helping them to provide crucial peer support in their community.

Together we can help stroke survivors rebuild their lives. Please donate today.

Thank you.

Emma from Stroke Association

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Help fund critical research that facilitates life-changing discoveries to help support people rebuilding life after stroke.
Emma from Stroke Association

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Help someone find hope by talking to us, and getting emotional support they need to begin to rebuild a life after stroke.
Emma from Stroke Association

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Help us provide group support to stroke survivors, giving them confidence for their recovery.