Stroke destroys lives. Help us rebuild them.

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Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives. You can help us rebuild them.



When stroke strikes, part of your brain shuts down, and so does a part of you. Life changes instantly. Recovery is tough, but with the right support and a ton of courage and determination, the brain can adapt.



Our specialist support, research and campaigning are only possible with the courage and determination of the stroke community.



With more donations and support from you, we can rebuild even more lives.



Alisha, stroke survivor



Alisha’s stroke left her unable to read, write or walk. It also left her with aphasia. "Losing my speech is like being in a bubble. You feel trapped in yourself."



 “My life has changed but in a completely different way. Now I volunteer. I meet similar people and we raise awareness. I enjoy that. There is a way you can put your life back together.”