Save stroke research

Please donate today and help rebuild lives


The pandemic has hit stroke research hard. We need your help to save it.

Every five minutes, stroke destroys lives. It can affect anyone of any age, and there are over 1.2 million stroke survivors living in the UK. 

The Stroke Association is the only UK charity that focuses exclusively on stroke research. But the pandemic has cut our research budget in half, putting vital improvements in treatment and care at risk. 

Stroke research is already chronically underfunded and this cut in budget will have a catastrophic effect on stroke research, setting the field back years.

With the right support and a ton of courage and determination, people can rebuild their lives after stroke. Thanks to breakthroughs in stroke research, many people have been spared the most devastating effects of stroke and benefitted from innovative treatments and care.

Please donate today to help save stroke research. Every stroke survivor’s life is worth living - that’s why stroke research is worth saving.

Donate £50
Could help fund a researcher like Dr. Emma Patchwood for the day. Our researchers are at the forefront of life-changing solutions in stroke treatment and care.
Donate £25
Could help fund research into new life-changing treatments to save and rebuild lives after stroke.
Donate £10
Could improve stroke care through research and provide support services to rebuild lives after stroke.