Haemorrhagic stroke needs to be stopped in its tracks

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In the next 70 minutes, two people in the UK will have a haemorrhagic stroke and one will not survive.


We know that people’s lives can be torn apart by all types of stroke, but those who have haemorrhagic strokes – where a blood vessel bursts leading to a bleed in or around the brain - have a much higher fatality rate. Not only are haemorrhagic strokes the most deadly type of stroke, they are also harder to diagnose, treat and prevent.


Its lower incidence rate (15% of all strokes) means that research has been seriously underfunded. Our understanding and treatment of haemorrhagic stroke is nowhere near as advanced as our level of understanding and treatment of ischaemic stroke.


This funding gap has fatal consequences for the thousands of people who are struck down by a haemorrhagic stroke every year. Our research programme is totally funded by voluntary donations and that’s why we're asking you today if you could support our Research Priority Programme to help fund essential research into the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of haemorrhagic stroke.


Every day, haemorrhagic stroke destroys lives. With your support today, we could stop this killer in its tracks – and help even more people recover from such a devastating type of stroke.


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