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This may be someone's first Christmas after a stroke. I'm sure you can imagine the worry, sadness and turmoil their whole family is feeling.



Suzi and Paul's story


Young couple Suzi and Paul experienced the devastation that stroke can bring to a family. When Paul had a stroke aged 40, both their lives were turned upside down.


Paul was given just a 10% chance of surviving his stroke. He did survive, but everything had changed. He was left with right side weakness and aphasia. 


Photo of Paul and Suzi, stroke survivors from the Stroke Association's Rebuilding Lives campaign


“One of the hardest things to cope with was Paul’s aphasia, which initially left him without any speech," Suzi says. "As time went on, he was able to say a few words, but his communication difficulties meant that he couldn’t find the right words or keep up with conversations. We wanted to chat together, but it was exhausting and upsetting for both of us."


The couple stopped going to social gatherings because Paul found it difficult, and they became very low and isolated. 


How did the Stroke Association help?


Paul began to attend a Stroke Association communication group and met other stroke survivors with aphasia. Meeting people in a similar situation really helped and the words started coming back. Suzi also benefited from our carer support groups. 


"Having the opportunity to meet other carers gave me hope, and helped me realise that actually there was light at the end of the tunnel," says Suzi. 


Could you help us reach more families whose lives have been shattered by stroke?


At the Stroke Association, we want to reach everyone who needs us, but at the moment, we simply can't. 


By making a Christmas gift today, you could help fund:


 - Support groups like the ones that helped Suzi and Paul. 

 - Our stroke Helpline, so advisors can support people who've been affected by stroke.


"We wouldn't have got through this without the support of the Stroke Association," Suzi says. "They've helped us rebuild our lives." 


This Christmas, many people like Paul and Suzi will be facing difficult times. By making a gift today, you will be helping them to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.



Please make a donation today. Thank you.