Help families whose lives have been turned upside down by stroke

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Suzi and Paul
Suzi's husband Paul had a devastating stroke at the age of just 40. Paul was rushed to hospital, where he had a thrombectomy, but the stroke left him with physical weakness and aphasia.
Suzi's life changed overnight, as she became Paul's carer. “When he came home from hospital a few weeks later, I didn’t know how we’d manage," she says. "I simply didn’t know what to do.”
Suzi and Paul’s lives were turned upside down by stroke, but the Stroke Association was there to help them rebuild their lives.


Here’s how your donation will help carers

Your generous gift will help fund vital services for stroke survivors across the UK, such as:

Support groups, where carers can get peer support and socialise, helping to ease worries and isolation.


Practical information and our online community, My Stroke Guide.


Our Helpline, where advisers offer emotional support and advice.


Stroke Association Support Coordinators, who help survivors and carers access the equipment and services they need.



- £50 could help run a stroke club or group, so families won’t feel isolated this Christmas.


- £25 could help answer difficult questions for carers by providing them with much needed guides and information. 


- £10 could give a carer crucial access to emotional support this Christmas through our Helpline. 

This Christmas, you can help rebuild lives turned upside down by stroke.