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    Stroke survivors need your support more than ever

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    Coronavirus is a crisis for everyone in the country. But we’re determined that stroke survivors won’t also experience a crisis in their recovery.

    People affected by stroke are relying on our phone and digital services for essential information about stroke and Covid-19.

    Your donation can help keep recoveries on track.

    Every five minutes, someone in the UK has a stroke. During these unusual and worrying times, survivors need our support more than ever. But we’re a charity whose vital services and support networks can only continue thanks to public donations.

    Donate £10
    So we can call a stroke survivor who’s been discharged from hospital and help them connect with local support networks.
    Donate £25
    Help fund our Helpline, who provide support and essential information to anyone affected by stroke.
    Donate £50
    Help more people manage isolation and recovery by funding our free online tool, My Stroke Guide.

    Can you make a regular gift?

    No one knows how long the coronavirus will continue to affect all of our lives. A monthly gift would help us continue to reach out to stroke survivors – and cope with the extra pressures we face. Thank you for your support.

    Together we can help people affected by stroke during this crisis.

    • Anyone with questions about stroke and its effects, together with what coronavirus means for daily life, can call our Helpline for answers.
    • Survivors and carers can join friendly forums through our free online tool, My Stroke Guide, and get information on managing isolation and stroke recovery.
    • Our website has specific advice and information on coronavirus for stroke survivors
    • People can share practical and emotional support through our Facebook groups, so the whole stroke community can get through this worrying time.