Help rebuild the lives of stroke survivors

Stroke destroys lives. The impact can be anything, from wiping out your speech and physical abilities to affecting your emotions and personality.  

  • There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year. That’s one stroke every five minutes.
  • 1.2 million people are living with the consequences of a stroke.
  • For every person who has a stroke in the UK, £48 is spent on research, compared to £241 for cancer and £118 for dementia

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You can make a difference

Your donation to the Stroke Association can help rebuild the lives of stroke survivors by funding:

  • Our specialist services and groups so survivors can get the support they need.
  • My Stroke Guide, our website dedicated to providing stroke support, advice and information for stroke survivors and their families.
  • Research into stroke treatments, support and recovery to enable stroke survivors to live the best life possible. 

Why set up a regular donation?

Regular donations enable us to plan our work in advance. By giving a small amount on a regular basis, you give us the confidence to commit to long-term projects, knowing that we will have the funds available to support them into the future.

For you, giving on a regular basis allows you to budget your support while still significantly contributing to our vital work rebuilding the lives of stroke survivors.

Set up a regular donation

Thank you

Our work relies heavily on the generosity of our supporters. Without you we could do very little. We are incredibly grateful to you for your support.

There is still a huge amount to be done to develop better treatments, to help people reduce their stroke risk and to ensure that the best care and support is available for stroke survivors throughout the UK. Your kind gift really makes a difference.