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Together we're on an exciting journey, making a difference for thousands of stroke survivors. 





Max is one of the stars of our Rebuilding Lives campaign. He had a stroke at his seventh birthday party.


"I got a pain on the right side of my head," Max says. "I felt sad and frightened but I couldn’t cry because I lost my voice."


Max’s mum Michelle says his mobility was most affected. “He has all over weakness on his left side and no movement in his left hand and foot. He’s broken his left arm five times since his stroke due to falls.”


Before his stroke, Max loved riding his bike. Thanks to our generous supporters, we were able to provide a grant to buy Max a specially adapted trike and help him play like he used to. 



photo of Max - Stroke survivor.



Will you help rebuild the lives of stroke survivors like Max?


£50 could help support crucial research to find new ways to prevent more people from having devastating strokes.

£25 could help fund a Stroke Association Support Coordinator to provide survivors with the guidance they need to get vital services.

£10 could help run stroke clubs and groups which help survivors to regain confidence they may have lost following their stroke.



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Your regular support could help rebuild the lives of stroke survivors in desperate need. A monthly gift from you could help fund more specialist support, critical research and campaigning – all making a huge difference for families coping with the devastating effects of stroke.


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