Stroke can leave survivors and their families suddenly stranded. You can give them a vital lifeline – the Stroke Helpline
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Every year, thousands of people contact us, desperate for help. But with 100,000 strokes this year alone, we know many more people need us. It costs around £467,000 a year to support people who turn to our Helpline. Your gift today will provide stroke survivors with vital support at a time when they feel desperately vulnerable, lonely and scared.


One caller, Rhodri Davies, said: “My dad had just had a transient ischaemic attack (TIA) when I was 26 and I’d never heard of a TIA before – I was worried and I felt like no one was giving me a straight answer. I called the Stroke Helpline in a panic. The adviser I spoke to was absolutely fantastic. She told me a TIA is serious, that it’s the same as a stroke but temporary. She said that it could be a warning sign of a full stroke.


"Four years later, my mum had a full stroke. It was a crisis that hit our family overnight. I needed to talk to someone and, again, the Stroke Helpline was there for me. I’m one of thousands who has turned to the Stroke Helpline for support. I know how important it is to have someone there who understands. Whether it’s guidance, information, or just talking to someone, the Stroke Helpline is a lifeline. Your best friend when you’re caught up in the trauma and turmoil of stroke.”


Our Stroke Helpline is 100% funded by our supporters. Please donate today, so that we can be there for even more stroke survivors and their families, like Rhodri.