The course

This two-day training course offers an interactive learning environment. It's designed to improve knowledge and understanding of stroke and vascular health and teaches everyone to recognise stroke as a medical emergency. Those who complete the training become Stroke Awareness Leads and are taught to deliver a three-hour course to colleagues and volunteers.

As part of this course you'll also complete our Level 2 Award in Stroke Awareness via distance learning.

Course content

The first day of the two-day training course will be focused on five key areas of information which include:

  • What is stroke and vascular disease
  • The risks of stroke and how it can be prevented
  • The effects and impact of stroke on the individual and their loved ones
  • Communication challenges after a stroke
  • How the Stroke Association can help

The second day will be a review and training on how to deliver the condensed three-hour presentation.

The outcome

Once the training is complete you will become a Stroke Awareness Lead and will receive on-going support for delivering your three-hour training sessions. On assessment of your completed workbook, you'll also receive your 6 level 2 credits from NCFE, our awarding body.

So that you can deliver your cascade awareness sessions, you will receive an information pack and your presentation to deliver, along with materials to give to those you deliver the sessions to. You will also receive a certificate from the Stroke Association confirming your new role as an Awareness Lead.

For more information about the training or to book a place please contact the team:

Tel:01527 903911