The project has been running in four areas across England, in Grimsby, Central Lancashire, North Devon and Newham, and is now into the second year of sessions supporting stroke survivors to be active and stay active.

We know being active is important as it can improve both your physical and mental well being. It could help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase muscle strength and flexibility and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

“Disabled people say they are nearly twice as likely to be physically inactive (43%), compared with non-disabled people (21%).“

So far almost 100 people have taken part in Active Lives After Stroke doing activities such as badminton, chair based exercise, surfing, circuit training, table tennis and strength and balance exercise. We have seen the project making a big difference so far with people becoming more active, confident, motivated and able to manage their daily activities better. 

If you’re a stroke survivor who would like to get more active, Active Lives After Stroke sessions could be for you. See below for the contact information in each of our areas.

Katie Chatburn: 01472 277658 or

Central Lancashire
Laura Coleman: 07764 905073 or

Sonya Webb: 07717 275759 or

Hassanatu Bah: 07540 518 025 or

Don’t live in any of these areas but want to get active? Why not find out more about getting moving after a stroke here. You can also find out about support in your area here.