About the group

This is a communication support and self-management programme for stroke survivors living with a communication disability (aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia) following a stroke. The programme is part of our Stroke Recovery Service and offers 18 communication support sessions and 18 weeks of self-management and socialisation development.  

The Stage Two programme is delivered by a Stroke Recovery Coordinator and a registered a Speech and Language Therapist. The programme continues to support those who are rebuilding communication skills post stroke, Stage Two also assists with the development of self-management and socialisation skills to help stroke survivors adjust to life after stroke as well as how to more effectively manage this long term condition.

  • Group based and one-to-one development support.
  • Maximum 15-20 participants per programme.
  • Communication Skills Development.
  • Self-management techniques.
  • Individual Stroke Recovery Plan.
  • Goals set and reviewed.
  • Education and awareness of stroke and aphasia for stroke survivors and family members.
  • Builds confidence, mutual support and increase self-esteem.
  • Personal development programme including Aphasia Café, arts and social activities.
  • Developing friendships and peer support in an enjoyable, safe and fun setting.

For more information, please contact Anne Graham, Stroke Recovery Services Lead on 028  9050 8050 or via anne.graham@stroke.org.uk.

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Communication support


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Anne Graham
028 9050 8050