Childhood Stroke Project resources

Our Childhood Stroke handbook explains to children what happens when they have a stroke and also has advice for parents.

Watch our video What is a stroke - created as part of the Childhood Stroke Project in collaboration with the Evelina London Children's Hospital and thanks to the support of the Childwick Trust. 

Find more videos on what happens when you have a stroke, getting better after having a stroke and talking about having a stroke in the childhood stroke playlist on our YouTube channel.

Our Childhood Stroke question and answer sheets help inform families of what to ask in neurology appointments and school meetings following a stroke. These have been developed through working with parents and professionals:

We've also developed a small medical information card for use by childhood stroke survivors. If you'd like a free copy, please contact

More resources for families and young people

Video resources

  • A Stroke Can Happen at Any Age by the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke is a video to raise awareness that stroke happens to infants, children and even before birth.
  • Young stroke survivor, Oli, talks about getting back to life after stroke.
  • Lily-Mae had a stroke at the age of 7. Here Lily-Mae's parents speak of their personal experience, and give an account of the problems parents face when dealing with childhood stroke.
  • My Way by Hemihelp is an uplifting collection of home-made clips filmed by families and people affected by hemiplegia (weakness down one side of the body, that can sometimes be a consequence of stroke). The aim is to tell the world that hemiplegia doesn't mean living half a life. If we face a challenge then we just find our own way around it.