Below are a number of resources relating to childhood stroke. If you require more information, please contact

Resources for families and young people

Video resources

  • A Stroke Can Happen at Any Age by the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke is a video to raise awareness that stroke happens to infants, children and even before birth.
  • Young stroke survivor, Oli, talks about getting back to life after stroke.
  • Lily-Mae had a stroke at the age of 7. Here Lily-Mae's parents speak of their personal experience, and give an account of the problems parents face when dealing with childhood stroke.
  • My Way by Hemihelp is an uplifting collection of home-made clips filmed by families and people affected by hemiplegia (weakness down one side of the body, that can sometimes be a consequence of stroke). The aim is to tell the world that hemiplegia doesn't mean living half a life. If we face a challenge then we just find our own way around it.