Do you need a mobile phone that's easy to use and doesn't have the complicated features of a smart phone? OwnFone is a simple mobile phone customised for you, to call the people you need and that’s it.

Why OwnFone?

You can choose between two to 12 contact buttons and they can appear on the front of your OwnFone as names or images. To make a call all you have to do is press the name or image of the person you want to talk to. 


  • is small and light
  • is ready to use straight from the box
  • comes with a charger and a matching safety lanyard.


Handsets cost £75 for any design, including delivery, one year’s warranty and a 14 day returns policy. There's also a phone plan to suit everyone.

More information

Just call 0800 669 6699 or visit the OwnFone website for more information.
For every phone sold we'll receive £10 and 10% of the value of any OwnFone phone plan bought with that phone.