We are delighted to announce a partnership with DrugStars. Drugstars is an app that sends automatic reminders to take medicines, painkillers, vitamins etc. to help you or your loved ones stay on top of what needs to be taken when. 

This easy to use app also allows you to give ‘stars’ to charity partners, like us, every time you use it. These stars are free for you to give and translate into cash donations that can be used to support those affected by stroke. All you have to do is take your meds as prescribed and review them so you can track your progress. 

So how does the app work?

Once you have downloaded the app, you can simply add your medicines, painkillers, vitamins etc. and set up your reminders. You can also set this up for a friend or loved one.

Once you have taken your medication and clicked on the pill icon, you will get your reward in the form of ‘DrugStars’. These stars allow you to donate to health charities in need, like us. You'll just need to  select the Stroke Association as your chosen charity.

Should you wish to share your success through a social network and help grow the DrugStars movement, you are rewarded with even more stars, which means you can donate even more (and we like that!).

Reviewing your medication will not only give you more stars, but will help you manage how you are doing with your treatment plan, and it only takes a few minutes. This tracking can be useful when talking to a carer, visiting your doctor or simply conversing with your pharmacist.

Your experience can help people around the world

By verifying your medicine in the DrugStars app, you will be able to track your progress, receive advice and gain a better understanding of your medication experience. At the same time, you’re providing data that can affect the development of new and better medicines for us all. So remember to review, it really can help save lives. 

About Drugstars

DrugStars is an award-winning Danish app, expected to reach over one million downloads in 2019 and it has recently announced a 2.7 million dollar investment from some of the strongest players within the industry. With this extra funding and the knowledge the new investors bring to the table, DrugStars are now ready to become one of the world’s largest healthcare movements for patients globally, giving patients a choice towards the pharmaceutical industry, public payment offices and the patient charities. 

DrugStars has already become a success story for Denmark. Not only has it won awards such as the Innovation award from Danish Digital Awards, but was also recently shortlisted by Earnst & Young for a social entrepreneur award. This could be accredited to many things, but its simple purpose and its huge potential when looking at real-world patient data makes it stand out from the crowd.

DrugStars see themselves as a global movement, with the goal of creating a safer and more patient-conscious medical industry for us all, helping improve the life of anyone taking medication.

Download the app now and select the Stroke Association as your chosen charity to help shape the healthcare’s approach and to help us to rebuild lives after stroke.