Haydn had a stroke six years ago. 'To this day, I still remember how bewildered I felt. It came completely out of the blue. Within no time at all, it changed my life forever.'

Haydn recently found out about our volunteer telephone support service, Here For You. He immediately understood how beneficial this service can be: 'Those of us who have had a stroke know all too well that a stroke can be a very lonely experience. Now more than ever, people are feeling more isolated. It can be difficult not knowing what's happening next, or how the future will unfold.

'But this is what the Here For You service is all about. It connects stroke survivors and volunteers on the phone, or through an online video call.'

As a volunteer, Haydn reassures and supports other stroke survivors over the phone. It's an opportunity to share experiences and offer advice: 'This service can mean so much to people. It's a fulfilling experience. We are Here For You, and we are able to help people through their life after stroke.

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