Sharon had a stroke in 2018 at the age of 49. Prior to this, she worked as a flight attendant and taught aerobics and Highland dancing. But in an instant, her life changed forever.

She started to develop the most horrendous headache. It was like a firecracker in her head and terribly painful. The doctor treated Sharon's symptoms as a medical emergency, but upon arriving in the hospital, she was told that the doctors thought she might be dehydrated.

She soon received a CT scan followed by an MRI scan and a diagnosis five days later. Sharon will never forget the words: 'We're sorry to tell you that you've had a stroke'. It was staggering to receive this news. Sharon, like many, thought strokes only happened to older people.

Sharon has received much support throughout her recovery and now looks to support others. She recently signed up as a volunteer for the Here For You service, which connects stroke survivors and carers to volunteers, to offer support following a stroke and to help combat feelings of isolation.

She said: 'I wanted to volunteer for Here For You because it gives me an understanding that I'm not alone, and I have the support too.' She also recognises the importance of this service for the people she connects with: 'I wanted to speak to other stroke survivors on the phone because I could put myself in their position, as I think this would have made the early stages easier for me.'

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