Camille's story

Camille is a Clinical Psychologist in Neurorehabilitation at Croydon University Hospital. She has many years' experience working in acute and community stroke rehabilitation.

Since coming across My Stroke Guide, Camille has recognised how it can support staff within the stroke ward, and bring great benefit to stroke survivors throughout their recovery.

"Various therapists, including those on the ward and in the community, are now introducing My Stroke Guide to their patients", says Camille. "It can be used to provide information about common issues after stroke and sources of support. I feel the interactive format really empowers stroke survivors and their families to take control of their recovery."

Camille believes that My Stroke Guide could play an important role in the ward as it continues to evolve. "During a current research project the university is participating in, current and former patients have been involved in redesigning the ward. There has been great interest in drop-in sessions for both patients and families, where My Stroke Guide can be incorporated".

As a new and innovative way to support both the stroke team and stroke survivors, Camille sees My Stroke Guide as an opportunity to demonstrate that there is life beyond stroke.

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