Our services across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are funded by the NHS or social services (so free to you) and therefore may differ depending on where you live. Please note that in Scotland, our approach is different. There, we work in partnership with other organisations to develop services that meet the needs of local communities. 

Find out what support is available in your local area.

Stroke survivor receiving support from a Life after Stroke Coordinator

Our services may include:

Information, Advice and Support Service
Helps you and your family prepare for the changes that happen because of a stroke, with information about stroke, practical advice and emotional support.

Communication Support Service
Helps you cope with aphasia and difficulty in using language. Our co-ordinators and volunteers work with you to build up your confidence and help you achieve the best possible recovery.

Stroke Prevention Services
Support you to change your way of life and reduce your risk of stroke, by offering help and advice on things such as diet and exercise.

Getting Back to Life Services
After a stroke, life is very different and you may need to make big adjustments and deal with daunting challenges. We provide a variety of services that will help you enjoy a better quality of life, return to your community and face the future.

Carer Support Services
Caring for someone with stroke can be a solitary experience – and a tiring one. We provide carers' groups that provide information and advice for carers, as well as the invaluable opportunity to socialise with others in the same situation.

To find out if any of our services are available in your area, you can search here or call the Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100.

Life After Stroke Grants

We provide Life After Stroke grants to fund products and services for stroke survivors. Our grants are means-tested to ensure we're helping those most in need. 

To apply for a Life After Stroke Grant call our helpline on 0303 3033 100 or email Grants.External@stroke.org.uk including your name and postcode.