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The current edition

Stroke News is the magazine for everyone affected by stroke, produced three times a year. Download the latest edition here.

What you'll find in each edition

  • Stroke survivors and carers sharing their experiences, inspirational stories and personal advice
  • Emotional and practical guidance on coping with life after stroke
  • The latest in stroke research and news
  • Information about how the Stroke Association’s services and information can help you.

What's in the current edition?

  • Seeing stroke as a second chance - How Pete has a whole new outlook on life
  • Working age stroke - Rebecca's amazing return to work
  • The power of music - Could singing help your speech recovery?

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Supporting Stroke News

We’d like to continue to make it available for free to everyone who benefits from it. If you’re able to help, please make a donation. As a charity we rely on your support. Thank you.