Do you volunteer with us? Or are you involved with our stroke clubs and groups?

Become a member of our Voices in Partnership initiative. Comprised of three sub-groups, one is made up of members from stroke clubs and groups from across the UK, another is made up of volunteers and our third group, Aphasia Voices, includes members from our Speakability groups.

These groups bring together like-minded people to discuss and contribute to the things that matter to you, including Stroke Association campaigns, new resources and training opportunities. You can also share best practice from your group.

Your input will help us to ensure we continue to be responsive to your needs and help us improve the services we provide to you. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your home, using communications such as emails, surveys and teleconferences, with the assistance of both national and regional staff.

To get involved, please contact the following:

Aphasia Voices - Voices in Partnerships
Email or call 0207 566 1516.

Stroke Clubs and Groups - Voices in Partnerships
Email or call 020 7566 0323.

Volunteers - Voices in Partnerships
Email or call 0161 742 7480 or 0207 566 1538.