Helping you understand your health and treatment

NHS Choices
Helps people make choices about their health, from the practical aspects of finding and using NHS services when you need them to making lifestyle decisions. You can use the ‘Compare hospitals’ feature to see how local NHS services manage stroke care.

Patient UK
Access to the high-quality information that doctors and nurses give to patients during consultations. Also provides information on support groups and has a separate section for carers.

Improving health services

The Board of Welsh Community Health Councils
Works to enhance and improve the quality of local health services in Wales. Provides free confidential help if you have a problem or complaint about NHS services in Wales.

Care Quality Commission
Regulates social care services, health services and mental health services in England. The website allows you to compare performance ratings for health services in your area. You can also access independent quality ratings on care homes and other care services.

The Patients Association
Provides patients with information on how to get the best out of healthcare and provides an opportunity to share healthcare experiences – good or bad.

Care Opinion
Allows you to tell other people online about your experiences as a patient. Also provides an opportunity to read about other people’s experiences.

Your rights as a patient

Health Rights Information Scotland
Provides online information for patients in Scotland about their rights to NHS services, what they can expect from the NHS and how to resolve concerns about treatment and care.