Our Assembly community - shaping our future together

The UK Stroke Assembly events allow everyone affected by stroke to have their say, be inspired, try something new and take action on stroke.

Whether you're new to the Stroke Assembly or a regular attendee, we're always keen to hear about your experience and what you gained from attending our events. Your feedback will continue to support and shape future Stroke Assembly events.

If you would like to share your experience of attending one of our UK Stroke Assembly events, please email info@strokeassembly.org.uk.

How the UK Stroke Assembly virtual supported Peter and Jane

Peter had a stroke in 2017, which affected his left side. Since his stroke, peter has triumphed in his recovery and is now a member of the Bromsgrove Centre activities group, where he enjoys taking part in a variety of activities with his wife Jane.

This year, Peter and Jane attended the first virtual UK Stroke Assembly event.

'All the sessions were very informative. I have registered with My Stroke Guide and a Stroke of Luck, neither of which I may not have found out about without the webinars.'

Peter and Jane are now looking forward to attending more Stroke Assembly events in the future.

Julie's first experience at the UK Stroke Assembly in 2019

In 2019, volunteer and Stroke Association ambassador, Julie, attended our UK Stroke Assembly in East Midlands.

'It was my first time attending the UK Stroke Assembly, I didn't know what to expect. It was such a great experience, meeting likeminded people. The best moment was listening to the British Paralympics Cyclist Megan Giglia talk about her recovery from stroke and achievements she went on to make.'

Julie is a part of a local campaigning group in Warrington, Cheshire and also offers valuable support for other stroke survivors in her community. Julie was able to share hints, tips and gain information of the many different ways the Stroke Association has supported herself and her husband in their journey and others within her community.

What Robert gained from the events

Robert had a devastating stroke in 2010, which left him unable to use his left arm and leg. Robert was determined to rebuild his life after stroke and with a lot of courage has now regained the use of his arm and leg.

He's now a Stroke Association Ambassador and enjoys attending the UK Stroke Assembly events.

"The stroke assembly is such a great event! It tells you about upcoming campaigns and how you can help. Most importantly, it gives you a voice to have your say on what matters to you and ensure all stroke survivors are able to live life to the full. We are the lucky ones, we are still here and we need to fight it every day and not give up. Being positive is half the battle."

Alan's experience at the 2018 UK Stroke Assembly North

Alan (pictured second from left) from the Enniskillen stroke group attended our UK Stroke Assembly North in Manchester.

'It was a great day! They give you a chance to meet other people living with the effects of stroke, hear about the latest research and pick up hints and tips to help your recovery'

Since attending, Alan has continued to thrive in his journey and joined the Assembly reference group. Alan now contributes to the development of the UK Stroke Assembly events. His voice influences the important changes we make to ensure our events meet the needs of all stroke survivors.

Share and Inspire films

At past UK Stroke Assembly events, we've created a series of short films called Share and Inspire films. These provide personal experiences of stroke and how those affected have moved forward in their recovery. You can watch the films on YouTube.

Topics include:

  • Getting involved in research.
  • Stroke support groups.
  • Becoming a counsellor and supporting others.
  • Taking action on stroke and becoming a volunteer.
  • Vision problems after stroke.