Driven by our UK Stroke Club Conference community

Since it was established in 2005, the UK Stroke Club Conference has grown in numbers and success, becoming the highlight of the year for many club and group representatives. The annual event brings together the dedicated people who organise and volunteer at stroke clubs and groups around the UK. It is an opportunity to share ideas and best practice, and learn more about running a sustainable group and supporting members. There are also updates from the Stroke Association and developments in stroke support.

It is thanks to the hard work, commitment and passion of those involved in clubs and groups that provide a vital support network in their local community to rebuild lives after stroke. Connecting thousands of people with others who understand what life can be like after a stroke.

The aim of the conference is to provide this stroke support community with the tools, resources and skills to be able to run their clubs and groups effectively. We value the two-way conversations that the conference provides, hearing how clubs and groups are making a difference in their own local areas, the connections they make, and also the challenges they are facing. By focusing on our achievements and working together to tackle issues, we can find ways to develop and achieve more in the future. 

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