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Monday 28 September 2020 – day one: ‘Our road to recovery’

Welcome and Opening Talk: Updates from the Stroke Association – Responding to COVID-19

An enlightening interview with Club Conference Planning Group representative Steven Jacques from North Birmingham Stroke Support Group and Juliet Bouverie, Stroke Association's Chief Executive Officer. With the latest updates from the Stroke Association and how we have adapted our services during the pandemic to continue to rebuild lives after stroke.

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Day 1 - Opening Talk Responding to COVID 19 - Additional information

Webinar one: Our road to recovery (part one) resuming face to face meetings

We know that a big concern for many is when will it be possible to resume face-to-face meetings. Neil Jarman and Nic Mooney outline our organisational position based on the current government guidance (as of 28 September 2020) and the steps we are taking to achieve this, when the time is right.

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Day 1 - Webinar one - Road to recovery (part one) resuming F2F meetings - Additional information

Webinar two: Wellbeing - Looking after yourself, volunteers and your members

Exploring the importance of our own wellbeing and that of those around us. Giving you some time for yourself and ideas to try with your members. This includes a taster session of mindfulness lead by Katherine Charles, a mindfulness practitioner who has used this technique to help with her own stroke journey.

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Day 1 - Webinar two - Wellbeing - Additional information

Tuesday 29 September – day two: ‘Celebrating together’

Webinar three: Innovation during lockdown

Celebrating and sharing the many and varied ways leaders have used remote activity ideas to stay connected with their members during the lockdown. Including examples from Eric Sinclair - Deeside Stroke Group, Lucy Thomas and Nick Cann - Strike a Chord Choir, Michelle Crawford - Foyle Stroke Support Group and Chris King - Chequers Kitchen.

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Stroke Support Innovation Presentation

Watch the full video about how the Strike a Chord Choir have stayed connected during the lockdown and the benefits this has had.

About ‘Strike a Chord Choir’ video

Day 2 - Webinar three - Innovation during lockdown - Additional information

Webinar four: Our road to recovery (part two) - embracing a new normal 

Following on from 'Webinar one: Our road to recovery (part one) - resuming face-to-face meetings' this is an insightful session with guest speakers Helen Stevenson from Reason Digital and Ruth Lamont from Exeter University.  Together with Beth Scrimshaw and Sophia Costa, they explore what a ’new normal’ may look like, adapting to change and embracing a fusion of remote support and face-to-face activities.

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Day 2 - Webinar four - Road to recovery (part two) embracing a new normal - Additional information

Wednesday 30 September – day three: ‘Moving forward together’

Webinar five: Club and group forums - connecting with each other and your community

Learn how local forums provide a platform to connect with other leaders, share ideas and best practice to what works in your own locality. Including experiences from our Volunteering and Community staff and club and group leaders Philip Milne, Graham Tidman and Carol Boydell.

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Day 3 - Webinar five - Club and group forums - connecting with each other and your community - Additional information

Closing Talk: Moving forward together

Beth Scrimshaw and Liz Roberts-Wilcox look ahead to our vision for the future and moving forward together. With reflections on the three-day event from Steven Jacques.

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Day 3 - Closing Talk - Moving forward together - Additional information

UK Stroke Club Conference and Stroke Assembly combined quiz / social event

Thank you for everyone who joined this very entertaining and funny evening, helping raise vital funds to rebuild lives after stroke. If you would like to donate you can do this here.

Unfortunately, a recording of this is not available.

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