Thanks to amazing lottery players like you, we’re able to deliver life-changing support to stroke survivors and their families, helping to rebuild lives after stroke.

We’re really pleased to announce that we have a new Superdraw winner! Sharon won an amazing £8,000! What a super surprise, especially as the past year has been so difficult. Just think, you could soon be following in Sharon’s footsteps as our next lucky winner.

Giving away these great prizes is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your support. There are now 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK. Every time you play, you’re helping us reach more of the people who need us. Thank you and good luck!

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Sharon is our £8,000 Superdraw winner!

Imagine Sharon’s surprise when she got the fantastic news she’d won our Superdraw... 

“I was amazed when I heard I’d won the top prize of £8,000! I had no idea and I’m never lucky like that! 

“My mum passed away after she had a massive stroke. I want to support the Stroke Association as much as I can, because I know how devastating it is when someone you love suffers a stroke.”

Don’t forget – our Superdraw prize is guaranteed, so somebody has to win it. You could be our next lucky winner!

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"Research into new treatments has been a life-saver for me"

On Christmas Eve 2018, Ronnie had a stroke and became paralysed on his left side. At the hospital, the dad of three was given a thrombectomy – a surgical procedure to remove the blood clot that caused his stroke. Getting this treatment quickly can mean that someone like Ronnie has a better chance of recovery after stroke.

Amazingly, Ronnie can remember suddenly being able to move again once the clot was removed. He says, “Without the Stroke Association’s research, I wouldn’t be stood here.”

By playing the lottery, you’re helping to fund more vital research that could one day help more survivors like Ronnie to rebuild their lives.

Michael Johnson and Ronnie Staton in conversation


Olympic world champion, Michael Johnson, and one of the faces of our ‘Save research. Rebuild Lives’ campaign, Ronnie Staton, came together to record a very special talk.

Michael and Ronnie both share a passion of running and fitness, and they are also both stroke survivors. In their conversation, they share their experiences of stroke.

With the right support and a ton of courage and determination, people can rebuild their lives after stroke. Thanks to breakthroughs in stroke research and specialist support services, many people have been spared the most devastating effects of stroke and benefitted from innovative treatments and care.