The key to stroke prevention

Dr Llwyd, who’s based at Oxford University, is currently researching how blood flow to the brain is controlled. With support from gifts in Wills, Dr Llwyd is working toward finding a non-intrusive way to understand and detect early signs of stroke risk. The key may lie in monitoring patients’ blood flow as they perform different breathing manoeuvres.

Dr Llwyd explains, “I’m looking into a new technique to detect abnormalities in how blood flow is controlled by the brain. This contributes to 30% of strokes, so observing people’s blood flow while they perform different breathing manoeuvres could identify those at risk. My work could lead to major breakthroughs in preventing future strokes.”

The project could lead to a simple, reliable way to identify those at the highest risk of stroke. Thanks to your support, research like Dr Llwyd’s could pave the way to preventing stroke from occurring at all.

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