Our latest challenge is 350,000 steps in September

Welcome to our Facebook Fundraising Challenge Events page!

Welcome to our Facebook Fundraising Challenge Events page!

Here you’ll find information on our latest Facebook Fundraising Challenge Event that we’re hosting. We’re so excited to be using Facebook as a Fundraising platform, and we’re really grateful you want take on the challenge with us.

So, the time has come for us to introduce you to our next challenge event…350,000 steps in September – or Steptember, as we’ve affectionately nicknamed it.

The idea is simple: challenge yourself to take 350,000 steps throughout September, all to raise money to help stroke survivors rebuild their lives.

You can get yourself set up in three easy steps:

1. Join our Facebook community.

2. Register to set up your Facebook fundraising page.

3. Let us know where to send your free t-shirt.

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Why take part?

Stroke survivors depend on research to rebuild their lives, but COVID-19 is threatening life-saving breakthroughs. You can help us find a way through the research-funding crisis.

£50 could improve stroke care through research, and provide support services to rebuild lives after stroke.

£125 could help fund research into life-saving treatments for patients who have a bleed in the brain.

£250 could help fund a researcher for a day. Our researchers are at the forefront of life-saving solutions in stroke treatment.

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