Our next Facebook Fundraising Challenge is launching in August!

Welcome to our Facebook Fundraising Challenges page!

Here you’ll find information on our latest Facebook Fundraising Challenge that we’re hosting. We’re so excited to be using Facebook as a Fundraising platform, and we’re really grateful you want to take on the challenge with us.

Our most recent Facebook Fundraising Challenge was Cycle100 – the Big May Weekender. This challenge has now finished, but we want to thank everyone involved for helping us to raise an incredible £8,000!

We’re lacing up our boots preparing to launch #STEPtember for the second year running, so check back in August for details of how to sign up and get your Stroke Association baseball cap!

Why take part?

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK. Two-thirds of people who survive a stroke find themselves living with a disability.

Through research, we can help our nation's 1.3 million stroke survivors to make the best recovery possible. But stroke research is chronically underfunded. In the UK, far less is spent 'per survivor' on research into stroke than on research into any other health condition. We are the only organisation dedicated to funding research into ongoing rehabilitation that could help stroke survivors live fuller, happier lives.

£50 could help pay for a brain scan for someone taking part in research that could improve support for stroke survivors.

£125 could fund focus groups where stroke survivors can have their say on the future of stroke rehabilitation.

£250 could help fund a researcher for a day looking for new ways to help people rebuild their lives after stroke.

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