Become a lifesaver and vote for the Stroke Association as your UK Charity of Choice 2018-2021. Together, we will raise awareness of stroke prevention – 80% of strokes can be prevented. We’ll raise money for the UK’s only dedicated helpline for stroke survivors and their loved ones to get the information, guidance and support they need. Your vote will mean we can support thousands of stroke survivors in your local communities through our Community Projects. You’ll get the chance to see first-hand the impact of your support by visiting and volunteering on these projects you’ve funded.

Your support can be game changing for the 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK – take a look at this video we’ve put together on our vision for what a partnership with FirstGroup could be like...

Why your vote is so important

A stroke is a brain attack. It’s caused by a clot or a bleed on the brain. A stroke can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of age, gender, race or social status; the hard working father of three, the baby daughter, the first time young mother, the much loved grandparent.

One in six of us will have a stroke. But with men having a higher risk of having a stroke at a younger age, this is likely to be even higher within FirstGroup. What that really means is that at least 5,000 FirstGroup employees will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Stroke strikes every 5 minutes in the UK. It can rob you of your speech, your vision, your ability to walk, your memory, your independence and your dignity. It can also kill you in an instant.

Stroke is the second biggest killer in the world; in the UK it kills more men than prostate and testicular cancer combined and more women than breast cancer each year.  With your vote we can change this.

The burden of stroke is set to double worldwide by 2030 – despite the huge scale of the problem stroke remains significantly underfunded and misunderstood. The Stroke Association raises just 7% of the funding of the leading health charity in the UK. When you consider the scale and size of stroke we must change this – with your vote we can.

The Stroke Association is the only charity in the UK leading the fight to conquer stroke. We run over 400 services dedicated to giving 67,000 survivors a life after stroke and make the best recovery they can. We invest £4million a year in vital lifesaving research finding the breakthroughs of the future. We raise awareness of stroke and stroke prevention – 80% of strokes can be prevented.  With your vote we can prevent more lives from being devastated by stroke.

Your vote can make a real difference - only by working together with companies like FirstGroup and people just like you can we conquer stroke.

Watch the video below to hear more about the stories of those affected by stroke. 

How can I vote?

You will have the opportunity to vote online – this will be communicated internally to you. The vote will open on the 6th November and close on the 30th November. Vote for Stroke Association and personally make a transformational difference.

Visit FirstGroup's website and cast your vote to conquer stroke.

Together we can conquer stroke.