If you're after a little inspiration for your fundraising then don't worry we are here to help. We've got lots of ideas for how you can fundraise at home, school and at work. If none of these are quite right for you then we have your local fundraising team available for you to speak to.  

Fundraise At Home

Have some fun at home with family and friends. 

Afternoon tea - Organise an afternoon tea and charge people an entry fee or charge per scone. While you have everyone there you could host a raffle at this event and ask your friends and family to donate unwanted presents and goods as raffle prizes.

Big night in - Spend quality time with friends and family. This could be a board game night, murder mystery or a movie night. Ask for a donation to enter or to choose the board game/movie. 

Gaming marathon - lots of people are having computer game marathons and raising money. If you spend hours on an Xbox or Playstation then make a challenge out of it and ask for donations to keep you going. 

Fundraise At School

Do you work in a school, know someone who does? Or perhaps your children’s school would be willing? Fundraising can be fun and educational for the children. 

Non-uniform day -   Ask for a donation per child that wears non school uniform. This can always be tied in with an end of term day. 

Fancy dress - Everyone loves an excuse to dress up or to be someone different for the day. This could be a purple day or it could be themed to time in history to make it educational, a Greek or Roman day would easy and fun. 

Guess the number - Pop an assortment of sweets into a clear container and get people to donate to guess how many sweets are in the jar. The closest guess wins the sweets!

Fundraise At Work

Get your work colleagues involved and brighten up those Monday mornings with some fundraising fun to bring an office.

Quiz night - Hold a quiz at your local pub and charge individuals and teams for entry. A quiz is a great way to find out who the smartest team in the office is. 

Guess my time - Use our ‘guess my time’ sheet  to get the office to a guess how long they think it will take you to complete a run or a cycle. If you're feeling particularly sporty you could try our Walk Your Way challenge or one of our numerous running events

Office bake sale - A staple of office charity days for a reason, we all love slice of victoria sponge or cupcake. Charge per slice or hold your own office bake off challenge. If you need any additional help why not download or Give a Hand and Bake pack for extra tips and tricks. 

Fundraising Pack

If you are stuck for ideas we have an exciting fundraising pack that is filled with tips and advice on how to get the best out of your fundraising. Just fill out the form and we can either send you a copy in the post or you can download a digital version. 

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