Thank you for choosing to fundraise for the Stroke Association. Below is everything you will need to kick-start your fundraising and training as part of #TeamStroke.

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Download your free fundraising pack

Our virtual fundraising pack is full of materials you can download, which include information and tips to help kick-start your fundraising safely. 

Virtual fundraising packs:

Holding a raffle and need to source some prizes? Remember we can provide you with a personalised ‘Authorisation Letter’ to prove that you’re fundraising for the Stroke Association. Just contact our Supporter Care team at: and let them know what event you are taking on.

For more support and advice on fundraising, please contact our Supporter Care team at and let them know what event you have signed up for.


It only takes just a few minutes, your supporters can donate securely online and the money is transferred directly to the Stroke Association, so there’s no cash handling involved.  

Join the #TeamStroke community

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Training tips

Exercise is important to maintain both your physical and mental well-being. When preparing for a challenge, having a solid training plan is so important in getting your body and mind ready for event day, whilst also preventing those dreaded injuries.

Whether you are taking on this challenge to achieve a personal best finish time or if your goal is simply to cross the finish line, following the right training plan is vital to success!

Check out some training plans and tips that we found useful:

We know that training might be tricky right now, so please make sure you only exercise if you feel able to, and continue to follow the most up-to-date government advice. Remember, you can always convert your outdoor training to indoor exercise! Why not do 1 km on the stairs? This is approximately 1,300 steps. 5 km is 6,500 steps and 10 km is 13,000 steps. Utilise what you have at home!

Why your fundraising is so important

There are over 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, with 100,000 strokes striking a year – that’s one stroke every 5 minutes. 

Just £14.40 provides telephone-befriending support to a stroke survivor for 12 weeks.  So, whatever your personal fundraising target is, it’s thanks to you that more people affected by stroke are now facing a more promising future.

From helping to fund pioneering stroke research, to enabling us to provide Life After Stroke services, your support really does have a massive impact – thank you.

Check out where your fundraising goes and how it is rebuilding lives after stroke: