This year, we’re asking amazing people like you to host a quiz, because who doesn’t love a quiz? 

Taking part is a great way to fundraise from the comfort of your own homes, as well as earn the title of '2021 Quiz Champion' amongst your friends and family! We’ve done the heavy lifting and put together some questions, answer sheets and tips and hints for the day, but in return, we’re asking you to support stroke survivors. So, let’s get quizzical!

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Need additional quiz questions?

If the 50 questions included aren’t enough, we’ve put together an additional 70 questions across multiple categories, including a fun picture round that’s available for a donation. 

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Paying in your donations

Whether it’s a departmental quiz-off with colleagues over a lunchtime call, a household competition, or a virtual get together with friends and family over a video call, you can make a big difference by asking everyone taking part for a small (or large!) donation, or by organising a virtual collection. Once you’ve held your quiz, don’t forget to pay in your donations. Every penny will help to rebuild lives after stroke.

Pay in

How can your donation help?

  • £10 could help us provide group support to stroke survivors, giving them confidence for their recovery.
  • £30 could help pay for research into new stroke treatments, as we did with thrombolysis: a clot-busting drug that returns the blood supply to the brain that has transformed the outcomes of stroke survivors who have received it.
  • £56 could cover the costs of setting up a new volunteer, so they are ready to support voluntary groups in their community.
  • £80 could pay for a stroke survivor to attend a six-week computer course, a vital communication tool to aid recovery and beyond.