Have you ever wanted to do a marathon, but running isn't really your thing? Or are you looking for a sociable fundraising challenge? We have a couple of events you might enjoy!

When you sign up, we'll send you a fundraising pack to help you plan your walk or cake sale.

Whichever challenge you choose, we hope you have fun. And thank you for helping people affected by stroke to find hope.

Join Team Walk

Person walking on a leaf lined path

This is your chance to walk a marathon your own way. You can walk the whole 26.2 miles in one go, or spread the distance over a two-week period. You decide when and where you walk, and you set the pace.

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Join Team Bake

A person holding a tray of unfrosted cupcakes

This is your chance to host a bake sale with family and friends. The idea is simple: amazing fundraisers like you will don your aprons and bake some delicious sweet or savoury treats. But if you're pushed for time, we don't mind if you pop to the shops - we promise not to tell anyone!

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