Stream for Stroke is an exciting new way for you to get involved, have fun and raise vital funds to help rebuild lives after stroke. Whether you’re hosting a gaming marathon, live streaming your hobbies or battling it out with friends - sign up today to get started!

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It doesn’t matter if you're a first-time gamer or seasoned pro - you’ll be given everything you need to get set up including a how-to guide, icons, channel frames and banners.

Whether you’re taking on this challenge as a stroke survivor, in memory of a loved one, in support of someone affected by stroke or just because you want to help raise crucial funds to rebuild lives after stroke, we're so incredibly grateful.

Every five minutes, someone in the UK has a stroke. That is over 100,000 strokes a year. Depending on which part of the brain is affected, you may suddenly face communication and physical difficulties, or you may find that your emotions and personality are affected. The impact of a stroke can be completely life-altering, but so can the impact of your help.

  • £56 could cover the costs of setting up a new volunteer, so they are ready to support voluntary groups in their community.
  • £80 could pay for a stroke survivor to attend a six-week computer course, a vital communication tool to aid recovery and beyond.
  • £217 could pay for one hour of Helpline activity, helping the families of stroke survivors support their loved ones after stroke.
  • £500 could help pay for a five-year Senior Lectureship Award, a critical research role that facilitates life-changing discoveries to prevent and treat stroke.
  • £1,000 could pay for start-up funds for ten voluntary groups, helping them to start providing crucial peer support in their community.
  • £4,000 could pay for engaging videos to be developed for My Stroke Guide for one year, enabling users to give and get vital support.

Whatever your personal fundraising target is, it’s thanks to you that more people affected by stroke are now facing a more promising future.

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