Crime and disorder policy

  • Protection of the Stroke Association from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder, or being used to support crime.

Raffle and lottery campaigns

  • The Stroke Association will refuse to be associated with any raffle or other gambling activity that may breach the laws.

Contractors and agents

  • The Stroke Association will refuse to contract with any contractors or agents who we suspect may be associated with any potential or actual criminal activities.

  • The Stroke Association will only use suppliers who are licensed by the Gambling Commission (External Lottery Managers), to run all or part of the Stroke Association's raffles.

Stroke Association staff

  • The Stroke Association will maintain ongoing monitoring of all staff, particularly with a view to their direct or indirect association with potential criminal activities.

  • The Stroke Association will ensure that any actual or suspected criminal activities are immediately reported to the police and the Gambling Commission.

  • Stroke Association staff involved in promoting raffles and lotteries will be trained to a satisfactory standard to ensure compliance with the Stroke Association's gambling policies and procedures.

Prospective and actual raffle players

  • Existing Stroke Association raffle players are not mailed with more than £36 of tickets in any Stroke Association raffle.

  • Prospective (cold data) Stroke Association raffle players are not issued with more than £12 of tickets in any Stroke Association raffle.

  • Requests for extra tickets are limited to a maximum of £48 per request in order to prevent tickets with an excessive value being sent to one address.

  • Records are kept of the recipients of each ticket number to ensure that tickets are traceable.

  • Detailed reports are available to help identify any instances of suspicious activity within Stroke Association raffles. Suspicious purchase trends are identified and investigated if they arise.

  • Where payment is made by credit card, payments must be approved by the card issuer before entry to the draw.

  • The Stroke Association will ensure that it reports any actual or suspected criminal activities to the police and to the Gambling Commission.

Policy on fair and open draws

  • Draws are conducted at random using either a random number generator or using a blind draw.

  • Winners results are published on our website, information is also included in letters sent out to players. Winner's information is also available on request.

  • Rules are published on our website, on entry forms and the reverse of raffle tickets.

  • Printed versions of rules are available on request.

  • We have a complaints procedure in place including an independent arbitration service.

  • Any advertising and promotional material is clear and not misleading.

Policy to ensure children and other vulnerable persons are protected from harm or exploitation by gambling

The Stroke Association has taken steps to ensure that our lotteries do not attract young people. We have the following procedures in place to prevent underage players from participating in any lotteries promoted by us:

  • On all cold data used by the Stroke Association, it is requested that all persons under 18 years of age are excluded from the list before being supplied for the use of our lotteries.

  • To enter the Lottery or raffle, you must be aged 18 or over and live in Great Britain. Residents from Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and The Channel Islands are excluded from entering as they are governed by different gambling laws. We reserve the right to request proof of identity and age. Any person who has entered the lottery and is found to be under 18 years old will automatically forfeit any prize won.

  • Where possible we check our database to ensure persons are above the legal age limit before data is supplied for the use of a lottery.

  • We will provide any player with a full history of their lottery membership, including complete payment and winnings history upon request.

  • The minimum age of play is detailed on the back of all tickets and entry forms produced.

  • Any player who provides dishonest information regarding their age automatically forfeits the right to any prize. This fact is also stated on the reverse of all tickets and on all entry forms.

  • Any player that is found to be under 18 years of age will have any monies paid in relation to the lottery returned to them.

  • In the event that a request to cease mailing lottery packs is received from a vulnerable person's carer, we would remove their details from our mailing database immediately. If the person has been sent a lottery pack as a result of their details being supplied to us through a cold list, we will give their carer details of how to have that persons details removed from the list owners mailing records as well.

  • We may impose limits on the value of entries into a lottery that can be purchased by an individual.

Policy on socially responsible gambling

The Stroke Association has put in place the following procedures to encourage people to gamble responsibly and seek help should gambling become a problem:

  • The GamCare helpline number and website address are included on all tickets for our lotteries, they are also listed on our website which includes further information on gambling. This section on our website is dedicated to encouraging people to gamble responsibly and recognise the signs of problem gambling.

  • There is a restriction in place on the number of ticket books or lottery numbers that can be allocated to an individual. The maximum is five lottery books per person.

  • Players can request a self-exclusion from our database for further lottery mailings.

  • Players can also request the number of books they would like for an individual lottery and also the number of lotteries they would like to participate in on an annual basis

  • All relevant staff receive awareness training on problem gambling issues.

The promoter of this lottery is Juliet Bouverie, CEO, Stroke Association, Stroke Association House, 240 City Road, London EC1V 2PR.
Please play responsibly. The Stroke Association is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 4703.
Players must be 18 or over and live in Great Britain.
The Stroke Association is registered as a charity in England and Wales (No 211015) and in Scotland (SC037789).
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