This is just a small note to pass on our BIG thanks for your incredible support of stroke survivors, their families and our pioneering stroke research.
You really do make such a difference to the lives of thousands of people touched by stroke every year… and this kind of support is priceless.
Thank you so very much.
On behalf of everyone affected by stroke.
"I would like to thank the staff in the Beechwood Community Rehab team in Halifax, for all their help and support at a very frightening and trying time."
Mrs P Buckley
"Thank you to Jo and Jane of the Hum Bug Club who do so much to help those affected by stroke."
Mr B Luckwell
"Thank you Margaret Smith for your good work. God bless and hope you continue for many years to come."
Mrs H O’Hare
"I would like to thank my lovely wife May and our son David for all their help in my recovery from a massive stroke. All my love."
Mr K Lyons
"I’d like to thank my mum, Mrs Marie Cotgrenue who cared for my dad after he had had a stroke."
Mrs S Bell
"My partner spent the last 15 days with the exceptionally caring nursing team in the Stroke Department of Bournemouth Hospital. I am forever grateful."
Mr I Jones
"I’d just like to say thank you to my neighbours and to my husband for being there when I had my TIA. I know they would be there for me at all times."
Mrs Marshall
"I'd like to thank the FAST TV advert. It made my cousin realise what was happening to her and she sought help."
Mrs J MacDougall
"Grateful thanks to the Stroke Unit at Evesham Community Hospital for their help in my rehabilitation. They have given me 16 years of life."
Mr G Bonnick
"To Debbie Neal, Physiotherapist at Yeovil District Hospital. My grateful thanks for your prompt, continuing and on-going support, along with your staff and the ‘Aspire’ scheme."
Mrs Livesey-Cox
"Thank you to Clair and Jon at the Princess Royal University Hospital – physiotherapists who helped me with walking."
Mrs B Brent
"I owe thanks to the staff at St Marks Nursing Centre in Maidenhead, for their wonderful care of my husband Glyn until he died in 2012."
Mrs J Jackson
"I’d like to thank Emma Hall-Thompson and Kate Bird, both working at the Stroke Unit in Delancy Hospital, Cheltenham. They worked tirelessly for 3 months to help my wife, enabling her to survive with a reasonable quality of life for another 15 years."
Mr J Barnicoat
"I'd like to thank all the staff of the Stroke Unit at Torquay Hospital for twice saving my son's life."
Mrs E Birch
"To the Regional Rehabilitation Unit in Harrow - if you could see me now! Also to my husband, Terry."
Mrs H Hersant
"I would like to thank the team at Exmouth who have been helping my sister Sylvia. The help she has received is a direct result of your research so thank you for all the work you do."
Mrs C Barnett