Stroke strikes every 5 minutes in the UK and has many devastating impacts. Some are visible, like problems with speech and mobility, but other impacts like loneliness, or a loss of confidence or identity, are often hidden. Through a dedicated three-year partnership, Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo aim to help stroke survivors rebuild their lives after stroke by:

1 - Raising awareness of stroke in local communities.

2 - Fundraising vital donations for Stroke Association.

3 - Communication Access training for Buzz Bingo colleagues to support inclusive communication for all.

4 - Working together to ensure clubs are accessible for those with disabilities, allowing stroke survivors to have the best possible experience and support.

5 - Raising awareness that Buzz Bingo clubs are a safe, fun and supportive environment for stroke survivors and their carers.

A recent survey by the Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo has revealed:

  • Almost three-quarters of stroke survivors spend less or no time socialising with their families and friends since their stroke.
  • Over half of stroke survivors say they have lost their confidence since their stroke.
  • One in four stroke survivors feel lonely or isolated since their stroke.
  • Four out of five stroke survivors spend less or no time on their hobbies or have given up a hobby altogether.
  • Over a third of stroke survivors would like more chances to socialise and to go to clubs and societies.

Our survey emphasises how important leisure and social activities are for stroke survivors. Mark Fletcher, Head of Brand Communications at Buzz Bingo said, 'We know many stroke survivors find it daunting to socialise with family, friends and in their local communities. Buzz Bingo clubs offer a safe, warm and supportive environment for survivors and their carers to play bingo, meet new people, and have fun while rebuilding the social networks which stroke can so often destroy.'

During the partnership, Buzz Bingo will raise vital funds for the Stroke Association through special events and fundraising initiatives. These donations will go a long way in supporting more stroke survivors to live their best possible life after stroke.

Buzz Bingo have also committed to Communication Access training for their colleagues - one of the first companies in their industry to do so! This training will allow Buzz Bingo colleagues to support people with communication difficulties more effectively.

On Tuesday 6 December 2022, Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo celebrated the launch of our three-year partnership with an exclusive event at Buzz Bingo Stratford. The evening brought stroke survivors, friends, family, and the public together for an unforgettable evening of bingo, music, quizzes and prizes - hosted by TV legend Chris Tarrant and his son, Radio X DJ Toby Tarrant!

Buzz Bingo is Britain's biggest bingo chain, with over 91 clubs across the nation. They are proud to bring people together to enjoy bingo, fun and games. If you would like to visit your local Buzz Bingo club, please visit Buzz Bingo Clubs and use the Club Finder to find your nearest club.

To learn more about the partnership or if you have any questions, please contact the Corporate Team at

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