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About the Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Stroke (APPG) brings together MPs and Peers from across the political spectrum to ensure stroke remains on the political agenda.

The Group aims to be the voice in Parliament of people affected by stroke, providing influence, challenge and scrutiny on stroke prevention, treatment, and outcomes.

Our members and officers

Sir Robert Neill Chair Stroke Association APPG

Sir Robert Neill MP (link is external)

Baroness Wheeler Co-Chair Stroke Association APPG

Baroness Wheeler (link is external)

Amy Callaghan Vice-Chair Stroke Association APPG

Amy Callaghan MP (link is external)

Duncan Baker MP Vice-Chair Stroke Association APPG

Duncan Baker MP (link is external)

Liz Saville Roberts Vice-Chair Stroke Association APPG

Liz Saville Roberts MP(link is external)

Rachael Maskell Vice-Chair Stroke Association APPG

Rachael Maskell MP (link is external)

Meetings and Events

The APPG runs events offering the opportunity to:

  • Listen to professionals talking about their experiences of delivering stroke care.
  • Hear the stories of those who have lived through a stroke and from their friends and families.
  • Discuss how the group can support stroke prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and care.

View minutes of previous meetings.

About the Secretariat

The Stroke Association provides specialist support, funds critical research, and campaigns to make sure people affected by stroke get the very best care and support to rebuild their lives. Rebuilding lives after a stroke is a team effort. It takes the determination of people affected by stroke, the generosity of supporters and the dedication of the healthcare and research communities to get there. As the Secretariat, the Stroke Association brings together political stakeholders to bring about change for people who experience a stroke. The APPG gives members the opportunity to show their support for bettering stroke prevention, treatment, and outcomes.