Thrombectomy - Saving Brains in Scotland

In Scotland, we lag behind the rest of the UK when it comes to thrombectomy availability. We only began the first, local pilot service in 2020. That’s despite new evidence for thrombectomy’s effectiveness being developed by Stroke Association-funded researchers at Glasgow University back in 2016.
Read our full piece about campaigning for better access in Scotland.   

Scottish stroke improvement programme report

On 28 June, the 2022 report for the Scottish stroke improvement programme was published.

Our Associate Director for Scotland, John Watson, has made a full statement on the report.

Exhibition reflections: personal connections to stroke in Holyrood

In May 2022, Katie MacGregor (Public Affairs and Campaigns Officer - Scotland) was pleased to be back inside the Scottish Parliament for the first time since Covid-19 to host an exhibition stall in the Members’ Lobby.

Read Katie's reflections on the exhibition.

Why 'Research Means Everything' in Scotland

In May 2022, the Stroke Association launched a UK-wide campaign called 'Research Means Everything'.

Read our full statement about the importance of research in Scotland, and if you haven’t already, join our Campaigns Network in Scotland and help us keep stroke research on the agenda.

A new vision for stroke care in Scotland

The Scottish Government, politicians, health care staff, charities and people affected by stroke all agree that change is needed.  

In response to these challenges, the Scottish Government’s Stroke Improvement Team has published a new, comprehensive vision for stroke services.

This is a positive and ambitious programme that we feel able to give our full support to. However, the vision will only become reality if health boards and politicians also fully commit to implementation. This vision document offers recommendations on what an ideal patient pathway looks like – from prevention measures to emergency response, hospital treatment, stroke-specific rehabilitation and community-based care and support. The next step is for the Scottish Government to publish an implementation plan, which will set out what each health board must do to deliver this vision. 

Read our full response to the new vision for stroke care. We will keep you updated. We will continue to campaign to improve stroke services in Scotland, to help improve outcomes for the 10,000 people who have a stroke every year.

What are we doing now?

We have established a new Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Stroke in the Scottish Parliament. Bringing together MSPs, clinicians, researchers and people affected by stroke to provide oversight, encouragement and support for the implementation of this progressive stroke service in all health boards. More information on the Group can be found on the Scottish Parliament website.

How can you get involved?

We need to work together to make this vision for stroke services a reality. Join our Campaigns Network now to get regular updates on our campaigns and simple ways to get involved.